CURLY AHO COMMUNITY | Our social support and educational group, a free platform on Facebook to embrace your natural hair, to share and learn haircare tips from more than 50k members from all over Madagascar.

A Natural Hair Spa

TEXTURE | A certified Curl Expert hair salon entirely dedicated to hair treatments for naturally wavy, curly and coily hair

A Natural Haircare brand

LOHARANO | The flora of Madagascar takes care of your hair

A Revelation to a Revolution

Before 2018, hairdressers in Madagascar wouldn't have known how to take care or beautify natural hair without straightening them. This was how Curly Aho was born; by the revelation that were more care options for wavy to tightly coiled hair and through the realization that there was a lack of personal and professional experience on naturally textured hair in our country. We started the natural hair movement in Madagascar through questioning the standards of beauty in our country, by challenging the lack of representation of women with natural hair. We used our personal experiences to inspire, guide, educate and accompany a generation of Malagasy women and men to accept their natural hair and live free of the unkempt image long given to them since at least the 60s.

Our ambition is to make you fall in love with your naturally wavy, curly or coily hair.

Curly Aho paths...

Launch of our natural haircare brand LOHARANO


Opening of TEXTURE, the first Curl Expert and Natural Hair Spa in Madagascar.


Opening of Curly Aho Shop, an online shop of products and accessories for textured hair


Launch of Curly Aho

Curly Aho DayThe first meeting with the members of the community

Dec 2017

Creation of Curly Aho Community on oFacebook


"Wavy, curly and kinky textures aren't complicated. You just need to understand them. "

Our motivation was, is and will be our passion for naturally textured hair. Curly Aho is a part of us. Our company is an insight on our natural hair journeys while growing up in Madagascar with our curly hair. We learnt the hard way that it was not just hair but a bigger part was related to our cultural identities and social issues unique to our country. It's the story of three young women  who dreamed of sharing the empowering journey they lived with the discoveries they made from a hate to a growing love relationship with their natural hair. The goal was to live off of their passion and to give the best for all naturalistas. 

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